What is this session?

The primary goal of our 'Meet your peers' interactive discussions is to foster spontaneous and engaging exchanges of ideas among conference attendees. These sessions are designed to encourage free-flowing conversations on topics of shared interest, without a fixed agenda or the expectation of specific outcomes. This format is ideal for expanding your network within the community and in some cases could lead to more formal collaborations or the establishment of focus groups.

Session details:

  • Date: Tuesday 25 June, 10:50 – 11:50 (set up + 45 minutes of discussion).
  • Attendance: Up to 30 participants per room. 
  • Register from 1 April until 31 May

Session format: Interactive sessions should prioritize audience engagement, using brief, 5-minute talks, presentations serving as catalysts for community discussions rather than delivering one-way information. 

Submission and review: Proposals can be submitted via this form. They are evaluated based on their potential for community building, relevance, audience engagement, and topical timeliness. Accepted sessions require moderators/leaders to be on-site, with a preference for in-person presentations, although online participation is possible if necessary.

Registration and on-site organization:

  • Registration opens on 1 April
  • All session contributors must register for the conference.
  • Interactive sessions are scheduled on Tuesday 25 June, 10:50 – 11:50.
  • Standard AV facilities are provided, with no provisions for additional equipment.
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