Two 'ad hoc' informal sessions have been organized on topics beyond science. 

'Ad hoc' session 1 -  How to present SIB and its missions

Tuesday 14 June

Room: Workshop 5


In this ad hoc session, you will learn how to present the SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics and explain its missions, with practical examples.


  • Maïa Berman, Team Lead, Communications 
  • Marie Dangles, Director, Public Relations, Communications, People & Culture & Resource Usability

'Ad hoc' session 2 -  Project management basics – Sharing internal best practices

Wednesday 15 June

Room: Workshop 1&2

Objective: This informal session will provide the opportunity to exchange knowledge and best practices around the management of small or bigger projects.

  • Part 1 - Being agile with the Scrum framework (20 min) 

Séverine Duvaud, Team Lead, Resource Usability & Support and Software Developer 

Description: In this presentation, we will describe the principles of the Scrum framework and its main components. In particular, we will focus on what the framework does, what it does not do, and what it is and is not for. Breaking down myths, giving a new perspective on project management, and perhaps inspiring some of you, will be the overall goals of this session.   

  • Part 2 – Demo of the tool Click-up: how to organise your project and collaborate (20 min) 

Maïa Berman, Team Lead, Communications 

Description: Recurring meetings, releases, reports… Processes, in particular collaborative ones, can get messy, and it is easy to forget a task and get lost across tools. In this session, find out how ClickUp has help us in the Communication and Scientific events team to (somewhat) streamline our workflows, and get ideas on how to structure your own work.  

  • Q&A (10 min)