The best of bioinformatics within the SIB community!

The SIB days are the internal scientific conference of the SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics and a unique opportunity for the Swiss bioinformatics community to connect.

SIB represents the scientific diversity of Swiss bioinformatics and brings together more than 80 computational biology-centered groups. Every two years, the institute holds a 2-day conference, the SIB days, that usually attracts between 350-400 attendees. It’s ambition? To create an opportunity to meet, update each other on the best research projects within the community (many of which are intra-SIB collaborations) and to keep up with the latest advances on the Swiss bioinformatics front.

Interactivity is deeply rooted in the SIB days, whether you are a new member or a regular at SIB days, everything will be done to ensure you feel welcome and make the most of this conference, on the science and networking fronts.

Previous editions

Did you know that the SIB days were originally the “SIB day” (only one day) whose location varied from edition to edition. The current format was initiated in 2014 as a biennial meeting that unites all members.


2020 (fully virtual)