In a few figures, the SIB days 2022 gathered...

  • more than 300 SIB Members and Employees
  • 54 speakers incl. 2 inspiring keynotes: Antonella Santuccione Chadha (Women's Brain Project) and Johannes Rainer (Eurac Research)
  • 8 thematic sessions across life science domains
  • 9 workshops and tutorials, from protein structure prediction to sex biases in data science and AI
  • 1 panel discussion on the importance of reproducible research and open software development
  • ...and a great summer party at the Römerhof farm!

We hope all participants returned home with beautiful memories, new friendships & collaboration ideas across biomedical & biological data science.

Read the wrap up here.

"Thanks to the efforts of the Scientific Committee, the Session Chairs, the support team, and the enthusiastic participation of so many SIB Members, the SIB days 2022 successfully showcased our research activities and brought our community together." - Robert Waterhouse

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